Democrats and Republicans Elect Their Leaders for 2019-2020 Legislative Session

The full list of House and Senate Leadership has been posted to the NCGA website.

Here is the Leadership List for both Chambers:


2019-2020 Session

Speaker                                                         Representative Tim Moore

Speaker Pro Tempore                                Representative Sarah Stevens

Majority Leader                                          Representative John R. Bell, IV

Deputy Majority Leader                            Representative Brenden H. Jones

Majority Whip                                             Representative Jon Hardister

Democratic Leader                                     Representative Darren G. Jackson

Deputy Democratic Leader                       Representative Robert T. Reives, II

Democratic Whip                                        Representative Cynthia Ball

Democratic Whip                                        Representative Deb Butler

Democratic Whip                                        Representative Carla D. Cunningham

Democratic Whip                                        Representative Garland E. Pierce

Democratic Whip                                        Representative Amos L. Quick, III


2019-2020 Session

President                                                      Lt. Governor Dan Forest

President Pro Tempore                             Senator Phil Berger

Deputy President Pro Tempore               Senator Ralph Hise

Majority Leader                                          Senator Harry Brown

Majority Whip                                             Senator Rick Gunn

Majority Whip                                             Senator Jerry W. Tillman

Republican Joint Caucus Leader             Senator Norman W. Sanderson

Democratic Leader                                     Senator Dan Blue

Democratic Whip                                       Senator Jay J. Chaudhuri

Democratic Caucus Secretary                  Senator Ben Clark