1. Trump, Flynn & the FBI.

Pres. Trump and fellow Republicans take on the FBI days after former national security advisor Michael Flynn struck a plea deal with the bureau.

  • On Saturday Trump tweeted that he knew Flynn had lied to the FBI at the time he fired him, “paraphrasing” an official White House statement that was released Friday.  
  • Sunday morning the president continued tweeting, calling out the FBI as tainted and biased. He also denied asking former FBI director James Comey to drop his investigation into Flynn.
  • Meanwhile, U.S. House Republicans are drafting a contempt of Congress resolution against the Deputy Attorney General and current FBI Director, saying that the entire probe has been politically motivated.

2. Tax reform enters final phase.

The Senate passed its version of tax reform early Saturday in a 51-49 vote.

3. Redistricting. 

The special expert hired by a federal three-judge panel to draw North Carolina’s new election maps submitted his plan Friday.

 4. CVS buys Aetna.

CVS Health announced Sunday it is buying insurance company Aetna in what’s being called the biggest deal of 2017.

  • Analysts say the $69 million deal could “reshape the American health care system” as it creates a “new type of company that includes a health insurer, a retail pharmacy, and a company that negotiates prescription drug prices.”

 5. North Korea & nuclear war.

North Korea warned of an impending nuclear war following an annual military exercise.

  • Two dozen U.S. stealth jets were among hundreds that flew out of South Korea in an annual military drill, which North Korea called a “grave provocation” that could push the countries “to the brink of nuclear war.”
  • The military drill, called Vigilant Ace, was the largest aerial drill in history on the Korean Peninsula and comes among heightened tensions in between North Korea and the United States.