NC General Assembly Committee Updates

Yesterday afternoon, Speaker Tim Moore announced the final set of appointments to House standing committees:


Representatives Hurley, R. Turner; Chairs; Representative Earle; Vice Chair; Representatives Clampitt, Farmer-Butterfield, Fisher, Howard, Jordan, Lambeth, Meyer, Pittman, Potts, White


Representatives Brody, Dixon, Steinburg; Chairs; Representatives Brisson, R.Turner; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ager, L. Bell, J. Bell, Boswell, Dulin, C. Graham, G. Graham, Hunter, Bert Jones, Brenden Jones, Lewis, S. Martin, Presnell, Reives, Strickland, Yarborough, Zachary

Alcoholic Beverage Control

Representatives Boles, McGrady; Chairs; Representative Hardister; Vice Chair; Representatives Alexander, Earle, Hanes, Brenden Jones, Malone, Murphy, Potts, B. Richardson, Saine, B. Turner, Willingham, Yarborough, Zachary


Representative Dollar; Senior Chair; Representatives Arp, Faircloth, Johnson, Lambeth, McGrady; Chairs; Representatives Blackwell, Boles, Brawley, Burr, Cleveland, Davis, Dixon, Dobson, Elmore, Fraley, K. Hall, Hardister, Horn, Hurley, Iler, Jackson, Lewis, Malone, McElraft, McNeill, Murphy, Presnell, Riddell, Ross, Saine, Shepard, Torbett, R.Turner; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adcock, Ager, Ball, Beasley, Belk, L. Bell, Boswell, Brisson, Brockman, Brody, Bumgardner, Conrad, Corbin, Cunningham, Dulin, Earle, Farmer-Butterfield, Fisher, Floyd, Ford, Garrison, Gill, C. Graham, G. Graham, Grange, L. Hall, Duane Hall, Harrison, Hunter, Insko, John, Brenden Jones, Lucas, G. Martin, Michaux, Millis, Pierce, Pittman, Potts, Quick, W. Richardson, B. Richardson, Rogers, Sauls, Speciale, Stevens, Stone, Strickland, Terry, B. Turner, Watford, White, Willingham, Wray, Yarborough, Zachary

Appropriations, Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources

Representatives Dixon, K. Hall, McElraft, Ross; Chairs; Representative Presnell; Vice Chair; Representatives Ager, Dulin, Harrison, Hunter, Millis, B. Richardson, Sauls, Wray, Yarborough

Appropriations, Capital

Representatives Burr, Hardister; Chairs; Representatives Brockman, Quick, Rogers

Appropriations, Education

Representatives Blackwell, Elmore, Fraley, Horn, Hurley; Chairs; Representative Conrad; Vice Chair; Representatives Ball, L. Bell, Brockman, Corbin, Fisher, Gill, Grange, Lucas, Michaux, Stone, Zachary

Appropriations, General Government

Representatives Cleveland, Riddell; Chairs; Representatives Adcock, Ager, Brody, Clampitt, Floyd, Ford, Pierce, Pittman

Appropriations, Health and Human Services

Representatives Brisson, Dobson, Malone, Murphy; Chairs; Representatives Boswell, Burr, Cunningham, Earle, Farmer-Butterfield, Insko, Potts, Sauls, White

Appropriations, Information Technology

Representative Saine; Chair; Representatives Adcock, Beasley, Blackwell, K. Hall, L. Hall, Hardister, Horn, Torbett, B. Turner

Appropriations, Justice and Public Safety

Representatives Boles, Davis, McNeill, R.Turner; Chairs; Representatives Belk, C. Graham, G. Graham, Brenden Jones, W. Richardson, Rogers, Speciale, Stevens, Willingham

Appropriations, Transportation

Representatives Iler, Presnell, Shepard, Torbett; Chairs; Representatives Bumgardner, Garrison, Duane Hall, John, G. Martin, Strickland, Terry, Watford


Representative Howard; Chair; Representative Hardister; Vice Chair; Representatives Beasley, Belk, Blust, Conrad, Fraley, Destin Hall, L. Hall, Jordan, Lucas, Pierce, Ross, Setzer, Stone

Commerce and Job Development

Representatives Conrad, S. Martin, Ross; Chairs; Representatives Adams, Beasley, Boles, Bradford, Brody, Clampitt, Cunningham, Davis, Floyd, Fraley, Goodman, C. Graham, Grange, K. Hall, Destin Hall, L. Hall, Holley, Howard, McNeill, Millis, Pierce, Presnell, Quick, Saine, Sauls, Shepard, Steinburg, Stone, Terry, Torbett, Williams

Education – Community Colleges

Representatives Brody, Sauls; Chairs; Representatives Dobson, Holley, Reives; Vice Chairs; Representatives Alexander, Clampitt, Cunningham, Ford, Garrison, Duane Hall, Johnson, McNeill, Potts, B. Turner, Watford, Williams, Zachary

Education – K-12

Representatives Conrad, Elmore, Horn, Johnson; Chairs; Representatives Brockman, B. Richardson; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ager, Bradford, Corbin, Dixon, Farmer-Butterfield, Gill, C. Graham, Grange, K. Hall, Destin Hall, Hardister, Henson, Hunter, Hurley, Iler, Bert Jones, Lambeth, Meyer, R. Moore, Pittman, Quick, Riddell, Rogers, Saine, Stone, R. Turner, White

Education – Universities

Representatives Fraley, Jordan; Chairs; Representatives J. Bell, Brody, Davis, Elmore, Hastings, Insko, Michaux, R. Moore, Murphy, Pierce, Wray

Elections and Ethics Law

Representatives Bert Jones, Lewis; Chairs; Representatives Michaux, Szoka, Warren; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adams, Blust, Boswell, Burr, Conrad, Davis, Dixon, Faircloth, Fisher, Floyd, Ford, G. Graham, Destin Hall, Hardister, Harrison, Hunter, Iler, Jackson, G. Martin, S. Martin, B. Richardson, Riddell, Speciale, Watford, Willingham

Energy and Public Utilities

Representatives Collins, Szoka, Watford; Chairs; Representatives Arp, Cunningham, Hanes; Vice Chairs; Representatives Alexander, Blackwell, Bradford, Bumgardner, Dollar, Earle, Elmore, Duane Hall, Hastings, Insko, Malone, S. Martin, R. Moore, Murphy, W. Richardson, Rogers, Sauls, Stone, Strickland, Zachary


Representatives McElraft, Yarborough; Chairs; Representatives Adams, Harrison, McGrady; Vice Chairs; Representatives Autry, Bradford, Brockman, Collins, Dixon, Garrison, Iler, Lehman, G. Martin, Millis, Steinburg, Strickland, Terry


Representatives Faircloth, Goodman; Chairs; Representatives Carney, McGrady; Vice Chairs; Representatives L. Bell, Boles, Brisson, Hanes, Jackson, McElraft, Riddell, Setzer, Terry, White


Representatives Brawley, Saine; Senior Chairs; Representatives Hastings, S. Martin, Setzer, Szoka; Chairs; Representatives Alexander, Blust, Collins, Dollar, R. Moore, Warren; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adams, Autry, J. Bell, Bradford, Carney, Goodman, Destin Hall, Hamilton, Hanes, Henson, Holley, Howard, Bert Jones, Jordan, Lehman, Lewis, Meyer, Reives, Steinburg, Williams


Representatives Burr, Dobson, Bert Jones, Lambeth, Murphy; Chairs; Representatives Brisson, Dollar, Earle, Farmer-Butterfield; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adcock, Ball, Blackwell, Boswell, Carney, Dulin, Ford, Goodman, Howard, Insko, Jackson, Lewis, Lucas, Malone, Rogers, Setzer, Shepard, Szoka, White, Wray, Yarborough, Zachary

Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs

Representatives Cleveland, Pittman, Speciale; Chairs; Representatives G. Martin, Pierce; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adcock, Arp, L. Bell, Blust, Brockman, Floyd, Grange, Henson, Horn, John, Lucas, Meyer, Millis, Potts, Shepard, Szoka, Williams

Homelessness, Foster Care, and Dependency

Representative Jordan; Chair; Representative Terry; Vice Chair; Representatives Autry, Boswell, Brawley, Clampitt, Gill, G. Graham, K. Hall, Horn, Insko, Lewis, Quick, Riddell, Stevens, B. Turner, Watford, Williams


Representatives Bumgardner, Setzer; Chairs; Representatives Dobson, Gill; Vice Chairs; Representatives Arp, Autry, Ball, Brawley, Carney, Collins, Corbin, Dollar, Dulin, K. Hall, Destin Hall, Hanes, Holley, Horn, Howard, Iler, John, Lambeth, Lewis, Lucas, Malone, McElraft, Murphy, Pierce, W. Richardson

Judiciary I

Representative Davis; Chair; Representatives Duane Hall, Jackson, Stevens, R.Turner; Vice Chairs; Representatives Arp, Farmer-Butterfield, Howard, G. Martin, McNeill, Meyer, Rogers, Steinburg

Judiciary II

Representative Blust; Chair; Representatives Faircloth, Hurley, McGrady, Michaux; Vice Chairs; Representatives Bumgardner, Fisher, L. Hall, Harrison, John, Brenden Jones, Saine, Sauls

Judiciary III

Representatives Jordan, Zachary; Chairs; Representative Reives; Vice Chair; Representatives J. Bell, Hastings, Horn, Johnson, Lehman, Quick, Szoka, B. Turner, White

Judiciary IV

Representatives Blackwell, Burr; Chairs; Representatives Alexander, Belk, Cleveland, Garrison, Hamilton, Bert Jones, Potts, B. Richardson, Riddell, Setzer, Torbett, Warren

Pensions and Retirement

Representative McNeill; Chair; Representatives L. Bell, Blust, Collins, Dulin, Elmore, Gill, Hamilton, Hurley, Lambeth, Lehman, Michaux, Ross

Regulatory Reform

Representatives Bradford, Millis, Riddell; Chairs; Representatives Holley, S. Martin, R. Moore, Watford, Yarborough; Vice Chairs; Representatives J. Bell, Blackwell, Brisson, Cunningham, Dixon, Dobson, Floyd, Goodman, Grange, Harrison, Henson, Bert Jones, Jordan, McElraft, W. Richardson, Speciale, Stevens

Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

Representative Lewis; Chair; Representatives Davis, Stevens, Szoka, Torbett; Vice Chairs; Representatives J. Bell, Blust, Boles, Brawley, Bumgardner, Burr, Carney, Dollar, Dulin, Earle, Floyd, Fraley, Goodman, Hanes, Hardister, Hastings, Jackson, Johnson, S. Martin, McGrady, Reives, Saine, Willingham, Wray

State and Local Government I

Representative Ford; Chair; Representatives Ager, Belk, Brawley, Brody, Burr, Cleveland, Conrad, Corbin, Farmer-Butterfield, Fisher, Garrison, Gill, Holley, Pittman, Shepard, Speciale, Strickland, Warren

State and Local Government II

Representative Bradford; Chair; Representatives Adams, Autry, Ball, Boles, Boswell, C. Graham, G. Graham, John, Lehman, Ross, Sauls, Setzer, Steinburg, Watford, Williams

State Personnel

Representative Warren; Chair; Representative L. Bell; Vice Chair; Representatives Ball, Collins, Dobson, Elmore, Faircloth, C. Graham, Hurley, Lambeth, McElraft, McNeill, Michaux, Millis, Stevens, R. Turner, Willingham


Representatives Hastings, Iler, Shepard, Torbett; Chairs; Representatives Carney, Cleveland, Speciale; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adams, Alexander, Arp, Beasley, Belk, Brawley, Bumgardner, Corbin, Dollar, Faircloth, Ford, Fraley, Grange, Duane Hall, Hamilton, Hunter, Brenden Jones, R. Moore, Presnell, W. Richardson, Steinburg, Stone, Strickland, R. Turner

Wildlife Resources

Representatives Adams, Malone; Chairs; Representative Brisson; Vice Chair; Representatives Adcock, Clampitt, Cleveland, Corbin, G. Graham, Hamilton, Henson, Jones, Lucas, Pittman, Presnel, Wray